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Rapid development platform with backend data for frontend developers

Instant web app development with STANDARD HTML, CSS AND JAVASCRIPT to access and manipulate data without the knowledge and hassle of the underlying full layers of backend programming and server maintenance

Write web apps without administering servers

1) login and click CODE
2) type standard HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT
3) click RUN

Full blown DB support with transparent OCR and complete data management interface

Get rid of the time-consuming hassle and free yourself ;)

Less code, fewer bugs, greater stability, higher efficiency. You rock!


In traditional software development, developers must intricately understand the entirety of each software layer and their function underneath the web on the server side to create complete, secure and reliable solutions. Some of these functions include:

* understanding the whole server operating system, how to properly secure it, and long term maintenance with ever changing components
* handling all the running services along with securing them
* SQL database installation, database fine tuning, and programming
* applying security fixes, testing them and handling serious errors
* creating consistent backups and assuring their integrity
* configuring the web service(s)
* securing software against different types of attacks, setting up firewalls
* implementing SSL and certificates, understanding how they work in order to manage and renew them constantly
* server side programming in a different language
* conducting proper data exchanges
* implementing proper user authentication
* the knowledge of different software limits at different parts of the layers
* conducting general performance tuning
* understanding general security
* having a deep knowledge of the each hardware layer involved throughout the implementation
* understanding a new degree of compatibility and issues if service is required to run on physical machines

Our experience has shown that developers do not fully understand each function of backend data management. WIth this platform, software developers can now focus solely on programming and do not have to act as system administrators. The backend takes the time out of development and no server side expertise is required as we provide it for you.


Our Story

We needed something powerful with what we can develop web apps efficiently and rapidly enough without bothering with the server side


Our Vision

Expeditious in-house developments for companies and individuals without time risk and with a great TCO



Unleash the power of HTML, CSS and JavaScript without having to invest endless times into constantly changing technologies

Create web apps instantly with no hassle: we provide the data backend, you drop in the frontend code


CODE frontend:

  • support for typescript, coffeescript, babel
  • compiling on the fly with heavy caching
  • code obfuscation and HTML and CSS minification
  • automatic source code backups (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly too)
  • central management of client and server side codes (JavaScript and NodeJS)
  • diff, see the difference between two codes
  • include other sources into new ones
  • global search in all sources and backups
  • syntax highlight
  • public code store
  • single click w3 validation
  • user redirection to web apps after login

DATA backend:

  • general data management interface
  • entirely web based, no installation required
  • you can decide what kind of data to store and how
  • any amount of users can access the same or different data any time
  • super admin account for every customer from which further users can be defined
  • data is stored in simple tables that you can create and modify
  • every table has the same usage logic, so less complexity involved
  • reliable, stable, cross platform design at backend with standard, minimal, well proven practices in the HTML interface (no eye candy)
  • OCR functionality to search text on photos and in files (optical character recognition, support for English, German, Hungarian and Spanish languages, recognizes 40 different file types like PDF, XLS, DOC, JPG, TIFF, PNG etc. - the uploaded files get converted to plain texts and get indexed transparently so they can also be searched through by keywords in the column, just like with any other ones - a couple of minutes might have to pass for the conversion to take place before you can run any search)
  • import and export of CSV files optionally zipped
  • optional detailed logging of every operation
  • 3 main functions: storage, search and analysis
  • search history for easy return to previous data
  • global search everywhere
  • option to highlight search results, entries for current day and entries from other users
  • designed to be secure: salted hashes, defense for SQL injections, minimization of attack vectors
  • accessible through a secure connection from any device: desktop machine, notebook, tablet, phone
  • fine grade access control for users by granting access to specific tables or even specific rows only
  • possibility to set session timeout for users separately
  • force user to login through a secure method where no password can be saved in the browser (or else no sense for session timeout)
  • limit all data access for a specified time interval for the user (for example, a user may only be able to access data from the last week, month or past couple of years)
  • data is protected with industry technology, frequent code patches and auditions


Please get in touch for information about the fees because it highly depends on requirements.


"The platform you'll need to overcome complexities"

"Fine approach of back and front end"

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