Welcome to the website (hereinafter referred to as: Website). These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred as: GTC) contain the conditions of the use of the Website by the user (hereinafter referred as: User).

The processing of Users’ personal data is regulated in the Privacy Statement.

The technical information needed for the use of the Website, not included in the GTC shall be available on the Website.

1 Service provider

Name: Horváth András
Registered seat: Fő street 24., H-8500 Pápa, Hungary
Sales Premises: the same
Name of representative: the same
Company registry no: ES-395575
Registration number: 9210418
Registration Authority PÁPA Local Government
VAT number: 64340744-2-39
European Union Tax number: HU 64340744
Bank Details: Raiffeisen Bank
Bank account number: 12085004-00339823-00100009
Phone number: 0036 70 535 1772

By using the Website, User notes and agrees to the following:

2 Terms and conditions of use

2.1 Conditions of use

2.1.1 A significant portion of the contents of the Website is available for all Users, even without registration. However, certain services require registration (and then logging in).

2.1.2 User shall not infringe, either directly or indirectly, the rights of third persons or the relevant laws in the course of using the Website.

2.1.3 The agreement between Service Provider and User based on this GTC shall be terminated, with the User deleting his/her registration or the Provider deleting User’s registration.

2.2 Liability

2.2.1 Service Provider has uploaded information available on the Website in good faith, however, these serve information purposes only and Service Provider does not undertake any liability for the accuracy, comprehensiveness of such information.

2.2.2 User may use the website exclusively at his/her own risk.User accepts that Service Provider excludes all liability for any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage incurred in the course of usage, except for its liability for breach of contract caused willfully, by gross negligence or by criminal offense, or damaging life, physical integrity or health..

2.2.3 Provider excludes all liability for the activities of Users of the Website. User bears sole responsibility for his/her own activities. Service Provider shall support and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in case of any lawful information request..

2.2.4 The website of the service may contain links leading to other service providers' websites. Service Provider excludes all liability for the data processing practice, and other activities of such service providers.

2.2.5 Service Provider is entitled, but not obliged to monitor the contents made available that the User published, if any, in the course of using the website. In respect of the contents published, the Service Provider is entitled, but not obliged to search for indications of unlawful activities.

2.2.6 Due to the global character of the Internet, User undertakes to proceed in compliance with the provisions of all applicable national measures in the course of using the website. If any activity related to using the website is not permitted according to the laws of User's country, User shall exclusively bear responsibility for such usage.

2.2.7 The contract is between the parties is proper the Hungarian law and is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hungarian judicial system. In case the user counts as a consumer, his/her personal can provide surplus rights despite the applicable law clause. The user can inquire about those of the Provider.

2.2.8 Should the User become aware of any questionable contents on the website, he/she shall promptly notify the Service Provider. If the Service Provider, in its good faith procedure finds such a notification well-grounded, it is entitled to promptly delete or modify the information in question.

2.3 Copyright

2.3.1 The Website falls under copyright protection. Service Provider is the copyright holder or the authorized user of all contents displayed on the website and in the course of providing the services accessible via the website: any copyrighted works or other intellectual property (including, among others all graphics and other materials, the layout, the structure of the surface of website, the software and other solutions, ideas, implementations used).

2.4 Miscellaneous Provisions

2.4.1 Service Provider reserves the right to make any amendments, corrections on the website at any time and in any manner, without a prior warning. Furthermore, Service Provider reserves the right to relocate the website to under another domain name.

2.4.2 Provider guarantees Service to be 98 percent available on an annual level. When measuring availability pre-announced maintenance of up to 1 working day in duration cannot be considered as unavailability if Provider notifies User in advance on its website about the maintenance’s expected date and duration.

3 Purchase through the Website

3.1 Register

3.1.1 Services on the Website can only be used with a valid registration.

3.1.2 The registration is free of charge.

3.1.3 User fills the form on the page (hereinafter: registration page, whenever available) opening by clicking on the Registration button, appropriately with his/her valid data.

3.1.4 After clicking the registration button, User will receive an email to the email address provided during the registration process. The email contains the activation link necessary for the registration as well as further information for the use of the Website (warning: the link will be deactivated after 24 hours).

3.1.5 By clicking on the link provided, User creates their account, which will make registration-mandatory services available.

3.1.6 The free account created during the registration process allows a minimum user space for the User.

3.1.7 User may delete his/her registration at any time by sending a message to the following email address: Upon receiving such request, Service Provider shall delete the registration without delay. Users’ data shall be removed immediately at deletion. After deletion, restoration of the data will not be possible.

3.1.8 User shall be exclusively liable for the confidentiality of access data (especially the password).

3.1.9 User shall immediately change his/her password upon learning that any unauthorized third person may have the password, and shall the abuse of the password by the third be suspected, User must also notify the Service Provider.

3.1.10 User shall update the personal data provided as may be necessary to ensure that they are up to date, comprehensive and valid.

3.1.11 User has the following services available after registration:

- text-based data upload
- alteration or deletion of uploaded data
- searching among uploaded data
- file upload and download (extra feature based on separate agreement regarding the storage space, the technology providing it and the price)

3.2 Expanding User account

3.2.1 Users can expand their account for a consideration. Service Provider determines the price in the annual fee.

Service Provider is entitled to change the fee unilaterally. Changes in the fee do not affect the ongoing period of service. At the expiration of the service period or in case the User expands the account, the fee in effect shall be due.

In order to extend the account, User has to sign in and then click the appropriate link on the ? / personal menu page to purchase the service.

3.2.2 Eight days prior to the expiration of the paid period, Service Provider will send a notification email to User in order to warn User about expiration of the paid service and to offer the option of prolonging the Service as determined according to Section 3.2.

3.2.3 In case the User does not pay the next annual fee, the contract automatically terminates and the Service Provider denies the access to the account. Before suspending the service, the Service Provider shall send a letter of notice, informing the User about the payment due. The provider can only be held responsible for sending the letter to the given account. The Service Provider is not obligated to check if the User read or received the letter.

3.2.4 The data uploaded by the User stay accessible even if the access is limited. Limited access does not mean that the User loses the data or cannot access it but that it is not possible to upload new data.

3.2.5 If a new purchase takes place before the expiration of the already bought extra capacity, then the expiry date shall be changed so that all existing extras will have a common expiry date. This will be the weighted average of the already existing capacities, based on their size and expiration date.

3.3 Validity period, confirmation

3.3.1 Service Provider shall confirm the receipt of the offer sent at the latest within 48 hours after the receipt of the offer via an automatic confirmation email to the User, which confirmation email shall contain the data supplied by the User at the purchase and the registration, the number of the order and the date of the order. This confirmation email shall qualify the acceptance of the offer of the User by the Service Provider, valid contract shall come to exist at this time.

3.3.2 If the confirmation arrives to the User within 48 hours after the receipt of the offer, the validity period of the offer of the User shall be extended with 48 hours from the receipt of this confirmation, in which term the time of the bank holidays as well as Saturday and Sunday shall be disregarded.

3.4 Effect of the Contract

3.4.1 The conclusion of the contract shall only be possible in Hungarian and in English languages.

3.4.2 The Service Provider reserves the right to reject an order placed by the User, as long as the User does not pay the full amount to the Service Provider within 8 days from the conclusion of the agreement.


4.1 The price of Service can only be paid for via the PayPal system. User has to pay the price of Service prior to the beginning of Service by transferring the amount into the PayPal account of Provider. In case of advance wire transfer User will become entitled to Service once the amount is credited to Providers account.

4.2 After login, at the time of paying for Service, registered users must choose the country with the applicable VAT legislation and pay the price of Service according to that country’s VAT laws. User has this option is available at the purchase site.

4.3 After login the link on the front page will take the registered User to the purchase site (according to Section 3.2.1.), where User has to select and declare the applicable VAT legislation.

4.4 By ordering the Service and accepting Terms and Conditions, User declares that they are aware of their legal liabilities and they belong to the selected VAT legislation.


The electronic invoice of the paid service is sent by Provider within seven days after having received the amount payable. The invoice is sent to the email address recorded by User during the registration process.


6.1 The user that counts as a consumer shall be entitled to withdraw from the sale within 8 working days after.

6.2 The User can exercise the right to rescind the contract through all forms of accessibilities listed in Section 1.

6.3 The withdrawal in writing shall be deemed enforced within the deadline, if the User sends his declaration before the expiration of the deadline.

6.4 In this case the Service Provider purchase price of the product shall be reimbursed to User without delay but at the latest within 30 days after the disclosure of the withdrawal.

6.5 In case the Service Provider does not perform due to the fact that it is unable to do so, the Service Provider shall inform the User forthwith, and return the amount paid by the User within 30 days.

6.6 If no specific agreement signed, the user cannot waive a service contract in case the Service Provider has started to perform with the consent of the user before the deadline to rescind the contract has lapsed. In respect of this provision the User is only allowed to rescind the contract until the Service Provider has not started to perform.


7.1 The contract concluded through the Website shall not be deemed a written one, Provider shall not file that.


8.1 A Place of the settlement of complaints

User shall present his consumer complaints related to the product or the activity of the Provider contacting the following way:

Mailing address: Fő street 24., H-8500 Pápa, Fő street 24.
Phone number: 0036 70 535 1772

8.2 Way of settlement of complaints

Provider shall respond to the User’s complaint on the merits at the latest within 48 hours after submitting a consumer complaint against the product or the activity of the Provider to the contact details indicated in Section 7.1. – from which deadline the time of the holidays according to the GTC shall be excluded – indicating the possible place of the enforcement of rights, its ways and the deadlines of that in case of the possible enforcement of rights.

8.3 Time of settlement of complaints

Provider shall receive the complaints submitted by the User at the direct contacts indicated in Section 8.1. on weekdays between 8 and 16 o’clock.

8.4 Other possibilities of enforcement of rights

If the legal dispute regarding consumer rights between Provider and User shall not be closed in the course of the negotiation with the Provider, the following possibilities of enforcement of rights shall be available for User:

- Submission of complaint at the authorities of consumer protection;
- Starting the procedure of the Conciliatory Body;
- Starting a lawsuit at the Court.


9.1 Provider shall be entitled to amend the GTC including the fees, unilaterally in case of the prior notification of the users. The amended conditions shall become effective after their coming into effect by the first occasion of the use of the Website in regard of the User, concerning the following orders.

9.2 Present GTC shall enter into force on: January 5, 2015.


András Horváth private entrepreneur (official identification certificate’s number: ES-395575; registered by PÁPA Local Government; VAT number: 64340744-2-39) (hereinafter referred as: Service Provider) operates a webshop under the website (hereinafter referred to as: Website), in the course of which it processes data of visitors of the Website and those registering to the Website (Users). In connection with such data processing, Service Provider hereby informs Users of the personal data processed by it via the website, its principles and practice followed in relation to processing personal data and the means and possibilities of exercising rights by the data subjects.

Service Provider observes the inherent rights of the visitors of the website; processes personal data recorded confidentially, in accordance with data protection laws and international recommendations, according to the present privacy statement.

By using the website, You as User accept the following, and consent to the data processing defined below:


The purpose of the data processing related to registration is to identify the visitors of the website for using the services of the website, to document service provision and the suitability of performance, and to allow billing, if necessary.


Data processing shall take place based on the voluntary consent of Users in accordance with section 5 (1) paragraph a) of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter referred as DPA) and based on Act CVIII of 2001 on electronic commercial services and on information society services. User consents to each data processing by using the website, registering on it, and providing the data in question voluntarily.


Name: Horváth András
Registered seat: Fő street 24., H-8500 Pápa, Hungary
Sales Premises: the same
Name of representative: the same
Company registry no: ES-395575
Registration number: 9210418
Registration Authority PÁPA Local Government
VAT number: 64340744-2-39
European Union Tax number: HU 64340744
Bank Details: Raiffeisen Bank
Bank account number: 12085004-00339823-00100009
Phone number: 0036 70 535 1772


Processing of personal data provided obligatorily in the course of registration shall start with the registration and end with cancellation. In case of voluntary data, data processing shall last from the date providing the data in question until deleting it. User may delete his/her registration at any time; while Service Provider may only delete his/her registration in the cases and manner regulated in the Terms of Use.

The system stores log information for 6 months calculated from the date of logging, except for the date of the last visit which is automatically overwritten by the system.

The above provisions do not affect the fulfillment of particular data retention obligations set forth by law (e.g. in accountancy laws), or data processing based on additional consents provided in the course of registration on the website, or in any other manner.


Technical data. During the use of the website, Service Provider automatically records, for technical reasons, the IP address of the User, the type of operation system and browser used by User, as well as further information. The system records these data continuously, but does not link them to data provided during registration or usage. Data arising from the above are not accessible for Users, but only for Service Provider.

Service Provider shall be entitled to log the data of those web pages from where the User got to the Website, which web pages of the Website the User visited and the date and period of the visit. It is not possible from these data to draw conclusions on the User’s personality or profile.

The system identifies the computers of the visitors of the website with a so-called cookie.
Service Provider may use the above information exclusively for the technical operation of the website, and for statistic purposes.

Registration. In the course of registration, User shall mandatorily provide the following personal data:

- log name
- own email address,
- full name,
- password,
- billing address (name, country, city, street name and number, ZIP code), only to be filled out in case the user wants to augment the service. An augmentation by the user can be carried in accordance with 3.2 of the general terms and conditions.

After providing the data, the Website informs User about the successful registration by pop-up window.

After registration, User may voluntarily provide further data in case it aids the performance of services provided by the Service Provider.

Service Provider undertakes not to send email messages to User’s email address provided in the course of registration, except emails related to services used by User and newsletters approved by User.


It is the Service Provider and his colleagues who primarily shall have the right to information regarding data, which shall neither disclose nor make them accessible to third parties.

Service Provider is entitled to resort to a technical data manager (system operator, freighter company, accountant) for the operation of the underlying IT-system, the performance of orders and accounting. Service Provider shall not be liable for the processing practices of such external actors.

Service Provider is entitled to resort to other external service providers for the operation of any part of the underlying IT-system (for example, virtual private servers). Service Provider shall not be liable for the processing practices of such external actors.

Beyond the above, transmission of personal data related to User is possible exclusively in cases set forth by law, or with the consent of User.


Service Provider shall take all steps necessary to guarantee the security of data provided by Users in the course of network communications as well as the storage and keeping the data.

Access to personal data is strictly limited in order to prevent unauthorized access, alteration and usage of the personal data.


User may request information about personal data processed by Service Provider pertaining to User, and furthermore, with the exception of the own email address given, User may modify his/her data at any time by means described in the User’s manual. User may also request his/her data to be deleted by Service Provider through the availability in this article.

Based on a request by the User, Service Provider shall inform User about the data processed by Service Provider related to User, the purpose, legal basis and period of data processing, furthermore, to whom and for what purpose Service Provider provides or has provided User’s data. Service Provider must comply with the request for information in writing, within no more than 30 days from the submission of the request.

User may exercise his/her rights through the following availability:

Address: Fő street 24., H-8500 Pápa, Hungary

User may have a recourse to the colleagues of Service Provider with any questions and observations related to data processing through the above contacts.

User may at any time require the deletion or alteration of his/her data recorded incorrectly. Certain data can be altered or deleted by User himself/herself via the website; in other cases, Service Provider shall delete data within no more than 7 working days from the receipt of the request, and in such a case, no restoration of the data will be possible. Deletion does not include data processing prescribed by law (e.g. accountancy laws), which are preserved by Service Provider for the prescribed period.

User may apply to court for remedy according to the provisions of the DPA and the Civil Code of Hungary (Act IV of 1959), or to the Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information ((1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.;, and may also solicit the help of the data protection commissioner (1051 Budapest, Nádor street 22.; Postal Address: 1387 Budapest Pf. 40, further information:

Service Provider may claim damages in case User provided third party’s data in the course of registration to use the services, or caused damages in any manner during the usage of the website. In such cases, Service Provider provides all cooperation and support to authorities facilitate identification of the wrongdoer.


Service Provider pays special attention to the lawfulness of using the email addresses processed by Service Provider, thus, the above mentioned addresses can be used for sending (information or advertisement) email only in the way determined here under.

Processing email addresses serves principally the identification of User, the performance of orders, and contact during usage of the service ; thus, email is sent primarily with these purposes.

In case of any changes in services provided by Service Provider, or in the Terms of Use, Service Provider informs Users of such changes and other similar services in an electronic form, via email in certain cases. Unsubscribing from such a ‘notification list’ is not possible; however, Service Provider shall not use such lists for advertising purposes.

Service Provider may only send emails to email addresses provided in the course of registration with advertisements contents with User’s prior express consent and in cases and manner set forth by law.


Service Provider reserves the right to amend the present Privacy Statement unilaterally, with the prior notification of users. After the entry into force of the amendment, User accepts the contents of the amended Privacy Statement by using the service, with conduct that implies acceptance.